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What if VHRP could give you back 32% of your day that you spend on normal HR activities? Imagine what you could do with that extra time. VHRP helps give you that time back.  By partnering with VHRP and allowing us to administer such services as COBRA, tax-advantaged spending accounts, payroll, HR and benefits, you will free up time in your day to focus on other important areas.We know that when you decide to outsource your HR and benefit administration, the expectation is that you and your employees will receive the very best service. That is precisely what you will receive from VHRP. Our approach is to understand your unique needs, then together explore and define an appropriate solution. As our client you’ll receive personal attention from an experienced VHRP Manager that is assigned to your account along with the support of our Management Staff. At VHRP we put our clients first. We question. We listen. We understand. We add value. Every solution we deliver is based on your unique needs. It’s the integration of years of experience with the inherent knowledge here at VHRP, which enables us to deliver great solutions and results to you.Client Focus: we are committed to putting our clients first in everything we do, understanding and responding to their needs.Partnership: we believe in partnership. By working together with our clients we ensure that our goals are the same. After all, our clients’ success is our success.Accountability: we place great importance on obtaining constructive feedback from our clients, both on our performance and also the perception of the solutions we propose.Transparency: we offer our Clients total transparency of costs, giving them a greater understanding about how we can deliver the most cost-effective solutions.Fill out the “Request a Quote” form and let VHRP show you all the ways we can help, and free up your valuable time.

HR Consulting Services

As businesses become more complex, so have the functions of human resources. Consequences of a major HR mistake or oversight can be huge both legally and economically.Today the merits of outsourcing human resource activities have been well established and have become a widely accepted practice. We have developed a streamlined process that evaluates, assesses and solves your HR needs.We provide guidance for many organizations who cannot justify employing a full‐time human resources manager. For some, we are their HR back office, running their HR processes seamlessly behind the scenes. For other companies, we are there on site as the face of HR, servicing their employees and management team weekly, monthly, or as often as needed.Stress less about your HR problems and make sound HR decisions with HR Impact. We offer hands‐on HR outsourcing services designed to close any compliance gaps and establish strong HR best practices 

Are you Compliant?
With the trend of an increasingly litigious society, legislative compliance poses a greater risk more than ever. More and more often, state and federal courts rule in favor of employees who feel wronged, and court rulings and settlements can cost your business hundreds of thousands of dollars.HR‐related problems can often take you into uncharted territory, leaving a business owner or manager to tread dangerously deep waters. HR Impact will help guide you to safely navigate through those rough waters of compliance regulations so your business stays on course.Organizational Development
HR Impact provides an action plan that is specifically designed for your organization. Your organization will benefit from our programs and services including onsite support, HR Hotline, Employee handbook, policy and procedure development, programs designed to educate and engage your employees and training courses ranging from leadership training to conflict resolution and everything in between.Our team will assist you with your employee morale, complaints, discipline and disputes before these issues become major problems that reduce productivity and creativity, disrupt normal operations and incur expensive legal proceedings and fees. 

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