About Us

VHRP is the new face of HR. Having a Virtual HR consultant is like having them on-site at half the cost.

 We offer first class service and the latest in technology, which has helped us retain more than 97% of our clients from year to year. Our professional staff has more than 15 years of combined experience in HR and benefit administration. Our service reach is national, and we work with clients of varying size and complexity. VHRP’s approach is to understand our clients’ needs and then develop solutions and personalized service strategies to meet them. We add value by putting our clients first. We listen and then execute! From named Account Managers, to easy to use technology, to compliance expertise, VHRP delivers. 

We can virtually perform and execute any HR function as an on-site HR person or staff can.

 One Stop Simplifies Everything:

  • Benefits Management
  • I-9 Auditing
  • Background Investigation
  • W4 Compliance
  • Payroll
  • Performance Evaluation
  • Recruiting
  • Employee Relation

Core Values VHRPro was founded with an essential goal; to help our clients meet the challenge of managing their greatest asset – their employees. Our Total People Solutions approach embraces all of our core values. These core values are our driving force.


Client Focused:  

We work hard to be committed to the company and each and every client. All our employees have an undeniable work ethic that drives them to earn the respect and satisfaction of their clients.

Personal Ownership: 

Each and every employee at The ProGroup holds themselves responsible for their actions and how they manage their jobs. We back up our actions with commitment and a willingness to learn.

Self Awareness:

It’s about knowing those unique traits that makes you who you are and allows you to recognize just what it is that makes you different. It is about embracing those characteristics and not to take yourself too seriously.

Virtual & Confidential Meetings

VHRP provides after hours Virtual consulting for Employers' and Employees' for a more personal and private meeting for sensitive issues or grievances. Providing a Virtual HR Service saves you time and money. Being Virual is the new face of Human Resources. Edward.Garcia@virtualhrpro.com

FMLA form assistance

The FMLA is a labor law requiring employers to provide employees unpaid leave for serious health conditions, to care for a sick family member, or to care for a newborn or adopted child. We help the Employer and employee with proper filing documentation throughout the leave of absence. Let us help your company do it the right way. Edward.Garcia@virtualhrpro.com

Code of Business Conduct Training

Training is our speciality in code of business conduct in all facets of these required company courses. Let www.virtualhrpro.com train your personnel with interactive scenarios and situations.